Important: Major change to deegree day

deegree day will be deegree community space this time

13 November 2012 (10-18 h), University Club, Bonn

Registration is open: Please register - free of charge

deegree is an open source community project. Especially the process to become an OSGeo project made a big step towards more transparency and openness. However the community aspect still has potential for development. Therefore the two committees of the deegree initiative made an unanimous decision to change the scope of the planned event from more presentation-oriented to more communication-oriented. The new event name deegree community space shall support this intention - both by explicitly naming the community and by approaching the open space concept.

The project steering committee will host this event supported by the technical management committee. We see this as a major opportunity to make deegree a better community initiative. So, please come and join us in November in Bonn. We will have a full day of communication and community building.

As topics everything is allowed you consider to be important for deegree - like:

  • deegree's INSPIRE capabilities
  • the 3.2 release
  • deegree roadmap
  • deegree's market position
  • vision of the deegree initiative
  • project infrastructure
  • structures and procedures

Presentations, workshops, discussion topics and other contributions are welcome. You can simply bring your stuff with or without preannouncement. It's up to you. Contributions can be proposed on the deegree-users mailing list, by e-Mail to the PSC (see below) or as a comment in the registration. Contributions proposals are collected in the Wiki